“Whoooooooo are you…who, who…who, who?”


Glad you asked…

I’m Rob Maurer, lifelong music fan and former employee of the radio arm of a certain “fair and balanced” news organization.  While there, I created the FOXLight music release blog (as well as a companion DVD release blog), which I had the pleasure of updating weekly for about 5 years.  Took a while, but, with very little promotional support, weekly page views got well into the thousands before both it and I became the victims of mandatory staff reduction.

Now, after a few months of licking my wounds…not to mention fruitless job searching…I’ve gotten the bug to write again.  So, what will follow here will hopefully be cathartic for me, entertaining for you, and offensive to no one…though I’m not guaranteeing that last one.

I’ll try to keep the posts frequent (but not too frequent) and they’ll contain thoughts, diatribes and some reviews…but not a strict weekly release rundown as I did before.  (Truth be told, Gerry Galipault already does the best, most concise one on the web – Pause and Play)

Listening to, collecting and enjoying music is really my only hobby.  My tastes are fairly eclectic (Metallica to Manilow, Cash to “Classical Thunder”, Elvis Presley and Costello), my opinions are plentiful, and my ears are always open.

Marley’s right…”One good thing about music / When it hits, you feel no pain.”


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