Dirty Loops go non-cover, and it’s a “Hit”…

This excellent tune is currently gaining some viral traction – it popped up in my Facebook news feed twice this morning, and I’ve listened to it a bunch already.  You should too.

A friend compared it to “UK, Return to Forever, and Level 42”.  I’d add “…as fronted by Usher”.

Dirty Loops are a Swedish band known for covering hits by Adele, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and others since 2009; recasting them as a sort of a hybrid of ’70s jazz-fusion, ’80s UK jazz, funk, and today’s pop – all played on real drums and bass with tasteful synth keyboards.  And now they’ve dropped an original track, “Hit Me”.

This makes me look forward to their forthcoming full-length album, due next year.

Here’s a link to their info page on Facebook, which has links to their presence on SoundCloud, MySpace, YouTube and other places where you can sample their music in the meantime, as well as learn a little more about them.


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